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About TII

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is responsible for managing and improving the country's national road and light rail networks. For further information on TII, visit the TII main website at

About TII Publications

TII maintains an online suite of technical publications, which is managed through this TII Publications website.

TII Publications are categorised as Standards or Technical. All documentation for implementation on National Road schemes is collectively referred to as TII Publications (Standards). All other documentation within the system is collectively referred to as TII Publications (Technical).

Document Attributes

Documents within TII Publications are assigned attributes to allow for the documents to be easily searched on the website. These attributes are provided on the inside cover of each current document, for reference. 

Historical References

To maintain continuity between TII Publications and the old NRA Standards system, pre-existing documents within the NRA DMRB and MCDRW have been assigned a 'historical reference' so that existing documents and drawings can be searched using the old document names.

The TII Publication Number now supersedes the historical reference for all such documents. All historical references within the documentation are deemed to be replaced by the TII Publication Number.

For migration of documents to TII Publications, each existing document was given a TII front and rear cover. Within the TII covers, the contents of the documents are the same as in the previous NRA DMRB and NRA MCDRW system.

Further Information

For further information on  the TII Publications system, please refer to the following documents:

Introduction to the TII Publications System, GE-INT-01029

Implementation and Use of TII Publications (Standards) Documentation, GE-POL-01030